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Schmeisser AR15 med 18″ pipa (45 cm) är ett gevär av hög kvalitet till ett bra pris. Den här modellen är framtagen för den Svenska jaktmarknaden och levereras med 2-stegs matchtrycke, DMR Lothar Walther-pipa samt 5-skottsmagasin. Med sina 3,5 kg är denna bössa både smidig och precisionssäker.

Godkänd för Jakt!

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We are proud to present our new AR-15 model, purposely made for the modern Swedish  hunter.

Together with our distirbutor WeArm, Swedish colleauges and Swedish hunters we tailored an AR15 to fit the new Swedish laws.  Our 18” Pro Hunter model offers a long list of features that outperforms the competition to support your hunting needs.

Our 18″ Lothar Walther barrel with a 1:8″ Twist is the basis for our hunting model. Famous for their quality and precision, Lothar Walther is the market leader for premium barrels in Europe. Without any doubt we can say that we provide the most accurate 223 rifle on the market. Wheather on the shooting range or out in the woods, precision is key to success and that’s what we deliver.

With 3,5 Kg we are certainly no feather weight but an 18″ AR15 is never a pracitcal stalking tool and it has never been designed for that. For that reason we rather decided to go for maximum precision on our barrel, supporting hunters in their long range shots. Nonetheless, due to the fluted structure, we are saving quite some weight which results in the same weight as similar models with 16″ barrels.

To withstand the harsh Swedish conditions, the barrel is Cerakote coated. The barrel extention has a nitride finish and the bolt carrier is phosphor treated. Whilst this is helps a lot to slow down corrosion, we still recommend to properly oil and clean your gun after a humid hunting day.

Like every Schmeisser rifle, the Pro Hunter already has an adjustable gas block. The AR-15 is a gas operated system and the amount of gas is crucial for functionality and precision of your rifle. Being able to adjust the gas level to your ammunition and foremost adjusting the gas pressure for silencer use is a big advantage than we can offer.

Also standard on all Schmeissers are full ambidextrous controls. The safety, bolt catch, the magazine release and the charging handle are all fully ambidextrous. This not only helps left handed users but is also very comfortable for some right handed controls.

All in all, the Pro Hunter is not just ANY AR15 rifle, it’s the most precise and hunt-ready AR for Swedish hunters.


AR15 18″ Pro Hunter


Semi-Automatic Rifle; Direct Impingement Gas System


.223 Rem.


3.550 g


45,75 cm / 18″ Free Float Fluted, Lothar Walther, Cerakote coated barrel


1:8″; perfect for heavy (hunting) bullets


1/2×28 UNEF


Schmeisser A2 NoFlash or A2 Bird Cage


SCHMEISSER Two Stage Trigger


Full Ambidextrous Design, 100% MilSpec, Schmeisser Charging Handle with gas ports and extended wings, 45°/90° safety, Ambi Bolt Catch, Schmeisser Multi Wire silent buffer system, Solid buffer tube (MilSpec tube), 6-pos. buttstock and Schmeisser polymer pistol grip


Adjustable, 20 Click Adjustment Range, perfect for silencer use




This Rifle is exclusivly made for the Swedish Market! 

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